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Monthly Archives: May 2014

To start, I’d like to apologize for the lack of progress updates on this blog recently. Most of the time the smaller updates have been posted on the official twitter account, which is located here.

Anyway, hopefully today’s events will make up for the lack of recent blog posts. After a bit of tweaking, additions, and fixes, the very first SotS prototype (from around July 2013) is now ready for public consumption.

It’s currently still got its share of bugs, and is very rough in general, though the basic gameplay gives a decent example of what to expect from the final game. Just remember, even though it’s had a few recent additions, it’s still VERY old and unpolished, and more than a bit ugly. Keep that in mind as you play!



Windows, 32-bit: 7z (32MB) | zip (45MB)
Windows, 64-bit: 7z (33MB) | zip (46MB)
Mac: 7z (38MB) | zip (54MB)
Linux: xz (40MB) | bzip2 (49MB)