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It’s been a while since I’ve worked on SotS, but you’ve probably noticed that already.

To keep it short, other things got in the way. The game’s not active, but it’s not dead either. In the long time since the last posts here and on whatever other forums I’ve posted about it on, the game’s concept and scope has evolved and matured, and I think (hope) that this will lead to a much better and more meaningful game, at the end of it.

I debated simply shutting the website down, but that didn’t feel like the right thing to do. So I’m just going to let this be the landing page so anyone who stumbles across it can understand the situation. The old blog posts (now utterly outdated, of course) can still be found through the blog link on the nav bar, up to the top right.

If you’re curious what project I’ve got going on, you can find the most recent one on the TIGSource forum here, and you can also take a peek at my twitter account here.

But anyway, that’s it for now. Someday, SotS will come to fruition, and I can promise that if it works out, it will be far better than it ever would have been before.